Monday, 30 July 2012

The Oxford Marketing Conference

Once again we will be organising the Oxford Marketing Conference.

We are just finalising the venue and date, but if you want to gain the latest knowledge to help you market your business product or service, then follow us to keep updated.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A dozen focus areas for any business start up

There are many areas for a new business owner to focus upon and of course there are many views or opinions on what could be the most critical areas to support the initial survival and later growth for success.

Each business is perhaps different and has different priorities, but from our work with start up businesses, we believe the top dozen areas for focus are:

1. Work to establish the right foundations from the start

2. Manage your time effectively with a focus on your high pay off activities

3. Know your target market

4. Create great opportunities to take your product or service to market

5. Maximise your lead conversion to sales

6. Make the financial numbers in your business work for your future success

7. Understand your key performance indicators

8. Create and develop strong relationships with customers, employees and referrers

9. Understand the 7 steps of effective business growth

10. Undertake the 8 actions that the UK's successful businesses do every year

11. Know the top 5 numbers in your business

12. Remember the Work / life balanced approach

A1 Director, Mike Foster, works as a coach for business start up owners.

His background is from an area manager for Barclays business start up team, before joining SOLL Leisure, a start up leisure business. He then started his own various companies nearly 10 years ago.

If you are a start up and would like to join Mike for one of his breakfast meetings to find out more and see if you could work with Mike, then please email him for more details.

The A1 Group also offer services such as bookkeeping and marketing support to help business owners manage the ever increasing work load. For more details, please see

Monday, 16 July 2012

Business Start Up DVD

The initial sales since its launch in May have gone very well with purchases from individuals thinking of starting a business to companies, such as accountants and advisers to start ups, looking to distribute the DVD as a value added giveaway.

We are also talking to representatives from the Prison service and the Ministry of Defence in reference to supporting the people leaving their service and thinking of starting a business.
For more details and samples, please see

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bookkeeping - is it just about number crunching?

The majority of business owners that employ a bookkeeper intially consider the support as simply completing accurate records to enable the business to meet its legal obligations of filing accounts and paying any tax due. But is a professional bookkeeper more value to your business?

Of course this is the primary role of a bookkeeper, but what is literally at the bookkeepers finger tips that can make a difference to your business?

• Their knowledge of what makes up a good financial system

• A systemised approach to your work that can integrate easily into your day to day working

• Their experience of other businesses and how they operate or analyse financial information

• The know how to get the most from your financial software package

• The passion for numbers and getting it right first time

• The relationship with local accountants, knowing what they want from you and when

• An understanding of your business financials to support your decision making

• A knowledge of your business, more than just the financials, as a trusted partner

• Your happiness, as you are no longer doing it!!!

At A1 Financials, our bookkeeping and management accounts business, we are practice members of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and shortlisted as Bookkeeping Practice of the Year in 2009 and 2011, because we offer more than just the crunching. Local accountants also tell us our fees are also very reasonable.

If you would like to discuss how we can help with your bookkeeping requirements, then please contact us.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our Pathfinder Pyramid

What are the top 5 numbers in your business?

Is it your turnover target or your margin percentage? Is it the number of leads you want each month or thenumber of new customers? Is it the maximum number of times the phone should ring before answered? or is it the maximum number of hours to which you will reply to an enquiry?

These numbers will be very personal to you and if achieved will help drive the success of your business.
So are you measuring these 5 numbers on a monthly basis in your management information? Are they on every meeting agenda looking at ways to improve them or simply focus on them?
If not then why not, as you have identified them as your top 5 numbers.

A1 Director, Mike Foster, speaks on this very subject. To read more, please see our web site

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Free workshop: Make time and have a system to grow your business

at Milton Park Innovation Centre, 10th July

Are you looking to grow your business?

Do you have plans, but not enough time to take action?

This free half day workshop has received some great feedback such as

“the best thing I have done this year…”

“the content was really good”

“now I know what I need to do and how”

Well for just the cost of a cup of coffee, you can attend this morning workshop on Tuesday 10th July from 9am, at Milton Park Innovation Centre, nr Abingdon OX14 4RY.

For more details and to see what is included plus what you will take away, please see

To Book please email us at or call 01865 378559. Limited to 30 places.