Friday, 7 December 2012

Google advertising - a step too far?

We recommend the use of Google advertising, pay per click, to our clients if their business suits this medium, but has the latest addition to the Google income stream gone a step too far?

Were you aware that a competitor can now tag a sponsored advert onto your Google places listing? So your potential customers find your listing, thanks to your marketing efforts, but are shown an attached advert beneath it which will usually carry more benefit statements than your place contact listing will allow.

So is there a balance that Google should be considering? Many business owners are voicing their concerns that this is not perhaps the most professional approach, but, of course, it will drive income for Google so we guess it is here to stay. Some will be embarrassed to use it as it is so direct, but we have seen quite a bit of activity in this area over recent weeks with our customers placings.

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