Tuesday, 23 March 2010

First Aid Training is not just something you have to do to meet regulations

First Aid Training is not just something you have to do to meet the regulations. See this email I received today of a very real experience for a recent delegate.

Both Deborah and I would like to express our appreciation of the course that Deborah attended in February. This morning on of our tutors arrived and collapsed immediately with a suspected heart attack. Thanks to the course, Deborah dealt with him calmly and in a professional manner – she was amazing - that is the opinion of everyone here. The ambulance arrived very quickly but without Deborah’s actions who knows?
Once again, thank you for the quality of the course provided.
Carole Seward, Bursar, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

Carole is right when she says we are grateful for all you did in running the training so effectively and helping the procedures to become second nature. I truly believe that we have not lost a dear friend today purely thanks to the training you gave me.

He was unconscious, unresponsive and lying in a very awkward manner when I arrived on the scene. He was not breathing, had no pulse, had partially swallowed his teeth and was turning a strange colour. If I am honest, I really only ever expected to stick plasters on people when I came on the course. But when I left the hospital once his wife was with him this afternoon, I realise that what you gave us was the ability to help people to hold on to life and reason until the professionals arrived. He was able to recognise me when he came round at about 3pm this afternoon. Considering we thought we had lost him, that is a truly awesome experience.

I had one moment’s panic when I was first called and saw that he was in such a bad way - that I might not remember everything perfectly. But it was over in an instant as I remembered all the clear steps you taught us to take.
Anyway. Thank you.
Deborah Lake

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