Thursday, 1 April 2010

The top 10 reasons to be email marketing

The top 10 reasons to be email marketing by Ed Rivis
I have just finished reading a great book from Ed Rivis titled ‘email marketing dynamite’
He provides his top 10 reasons why almost every business should be email marketing.
1. It is easy to get started - within hours
2. Low cost set up
3. It powerfully increases traffic to your web site
4. Responses can be instant
5. It can increase brand recognition
6. It can increase customer loyalty and retention
7. It can be used to nurture prospects
8. Other people can easily promote you at no cost to you or them
9. It can be 100% automated
10. It can be scientifically tracked and optimized from results
He goes on to share his experience of how entrepreneurs are using email marketing to build multi million pound businesses.
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