Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Don't be modest or ashamed about your brand

At A1 we always enjoy the read of other newsletters and communications, no more so than those received from Ayd Instone. In Ayd's recent 'The Creative Ghost', he wrote the following thought provoking article:

I was at a networking event and to have something to discuss over breakfast, our host said we should all get out business cards out and vote on our tables (of 10) for the best one. These will then be passed to the front and the best one from all 12 tables will win a prize.Business cards were distributed to everyone on our table and we held up our favourite. I help up my own. All but one other of the ten people held up mine too. One lady said, "but you've voted for your own?". "Of course" I said. "I'm voting for the best one." She then put mine down and held up her own. I still won of course by 9 votes to 1.What would you do in a similar situation? Assuming there's not an amazingly good card around like mine, would you hold up your own? If not, why not?Are you too ashamed to hold up your cheap, flimsy embarrassing cards that you've invested not time and effort in or that still has the old logo on, or are those free ones with the generic stock image every plumber uses? If so we REALLY need to talk.You wouldn't go out to a business meeting to see potential clients in a big bag, or still dressed in your pyjamas so why send your business's brand out there dressed as a buffoon?

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