Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Keep selling in the Summertime

Most people say that the Summer months are poor months for marketing and cold calling to create new leads. But there may be some benefits of continuing your usual strong sales push as:

  • If your target prospect is quieter in the Summer months, then the key decision makers may have more time for you

  • Most people are only away for one or two weeks and not the full summer!

  • The gatekeeper may be on holiday!!

  • The decision maker will be expecting less calls in this period, so may not be so guarded or may even be willing to speak as you are one of the fewer calls?

  • It can be easier to get the decision makers name, as gatekeepers find it easy to say they are on holiday rather than some other reasons given. You will also be able to establish when that person is back from leave

But most of all your sales and marketing is an all year activity. If you turn it off in the Summer, your pipeline for the Autumn months will be minimal and it is always more motivating to start activity with something in the bag

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