Friday, 15 June 2012

Loosen the grip time has on you

Are you so busy that you feel you couldn’t squeeze another minute out of your schedule? Hectic schedules and lack of time are two of the most common complaints people have today. Allowing time to have a stronghold on you can cause loss of productivity, limits on success, stress, and even health problems.

Here are 5 ways to loosen the grip of time on you:

1. Assess your daily activities and if they contribute to your short and long-term goals, keep them. If not, eliminate them when possible.
2. Avoid scheduling every minute of your day. Give yourself a few minutes before meetings, appointments, or projects to “rest” your mind and prepare for the next task.
3. Understand your personal body clock. Identify the times of the day when you perform best.
4. Slow down. Don’t demand so much from yourself and others. Know the difference between necessary haste and impatience.
5. Whenever a new activity is added to your schedule, look for an old activity that you can remove to make room

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